Tabitha Baumander



Class Reunion

A high school door mat turned TV personality and research scientist goes to her high school reunion and learns that revenge is sweet.  She tricks her former nemesis into a van that has been converted into a tool that destroys toxic waste.  Instead of killing him she dumps him at the feet of his former friends shaking and humiliated thereby learning a great truth.  Death is once and it’s over humiliation lasts forever.


In the middle of a paralysing drought a young couple struggle with the changes in their lives brought about by parenthood. The young father goes off on a business trip.  When he returns the only sign of his wife and son are a back pack left at a summer camp bus stop and the strap to his wife’s purse hanging off a strangely lush evergreen.


Bio engendering 101 mid-term.  If our student can prove the life she has created in her little sphere is sentient it will be the first time that has ever happened in the courses history.  If she can’t then even if the life still exists at the end of the year that life will be flushed and the equipment will be used again next year.  The problem being she’s not really the one that needs to pass.


A sensitive, creative girl day dreams as her mother cleans the church.  When her mother leaves there is a visitor.  He is quiet, thoughtful and teaches her the value of balance at the same time showing her the value of magic.


A pedophile moves into an apartment complex full of children.  The mothers are onto him at once and know for some reason he is trouble.  They decide he is going to get his comupance and on Halloween night, he does.


A young drag queen is dressing for the evening and reading over a letter to his sister.  The letter tells about how he became the person he is now.  When one factors in the queen who helped him was also a vampire it makes for a very interesting letter.


A sculptor working in metal buys an old church to use as a home and studio.  But the old place comes with strings attached.  He must stay in the building at every solstice and every equinox.  Soon after he moves in at the summer solstice he learns just what he has become heir to.


A lost young woman goes from one potential resting place to another and ends up wandering into a park.  She is one of the many women who simply vanish.  Others are taken different ways, this way is something special.


A woman starting a new job accepts some advice from a homeless man buying him a snack in thanks.  Some time later she learns how much good a simple thank you can do.


The pharmacy in a small mall is closed for no logical reason. The mall's local madwoman is madder than usual. Theres definatly something wrong. Its probably zombies.


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