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Colonel Len Hamilton never once won a game of Dungeons and Dragons against his two sons. Fate now has him playing a game that’s a horrific shadow of those rec-room afternoons. It’s different and yet there is a demon, a dragon, trolls, torture and a deadly puzzle. If Len can’t solve that puzzle not only will he never see his boys or their beautiful mother again but mankind’s world full of science and learning is doomed. 

I have a huge announcement to make. This spring I optioned a feature length screen play called REALITY GAMES  Please follow the progress of the film by checking in on the company web site 

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I am a novelist screenwriter and playwright living in Toronto Canada. I trust you will enjoy the enclosed work.  The complete works can be ordered at the sites given. Or simply go to and use my name and the book titles as a search tool.

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 Look for it on Use my name and the title as search words or simply or go to my page at 


When recent widow Marlene French finds Indigo hiding under her cottage bleeding blue blood she is pulled from her summer hideaway by the need to keep him safe from prying government agents and in turn relearns the difference between being alive and really living.

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Something is coming toward earth.  Only a few select people know it is not simply an asteroid due to pass by earth, its a visitor, and they will do anything to prevent that news from getting out.


Zoe Crane puts her hand on a magic crystal ball and is transported to a planet across the galaxy where she realizes she must solve the murder of her mirror image to get home.

The Power and the Blood

A Canadian fantasy writer trades fictional adventure for the real thing on a lecture tour in the American south.



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